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Apostle Jeronn C. Williams, I

A Detroit native, Dr. Jeronn C. Williams, I, is a graduate of the prestigious Morehouse College and Tabernacle Bible College & Seminary, the senior pastor and founder of the New Life Cathedral IFC, the presiding bishop of the Breath of Life Fellowship, the chancellor of Sharing Life Bible College & Seminary, and the proprietor of JCWilliams Ministries.  He is the proud father of his namesake, Jeronn Cordell, II.


Spoken into existence by the late Apostle Arturo Skinner, developed under the teachings of the late Apostle Charles O. Miles, ordained to the pastorate by the late Apostle Lobias Murray, divinely inspired by the rich revelatory preaching of the late Apostle Richard D. Henton, consecrated bishop by Archbishop Lawrence Langston, and also affirmed Apostle General by Archbishop Lawrence Langston; Apostle Williams is commissioned to restore order according to God's original intent and purpose through breakthrough, healing, and deliverance. He is mandated to preach a relevant Word from God with the demonstration of signs, wonders, and miracles.


With a heart to serve and a tenacious spirit, Apostle Jeronn C. Williams, I, and the New Life Cathedral IFC are determined to reach the harvest of souls throughout this world in the endeavors of Building a People...Serving the Whole Man.

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